Video Library

This is Dr. Luco’s video library of informative videos that help explain sleep bruxism, tension/migraine headaches, sleep apnea and how they can affect a person.

 What are the Symptoms of Sleep-Related Bruxism?

The Masseter Inhibitory Reflex

The Periodontal Masseter Reflex

The Sleep-Related Bruxism-Masseter Inhibitory Reflex Connection

How Sleep-Related Bruxism and Tension Headaches affect the Masseter Inhibitory Reflex

The Cascade of Events that occur with Sleep-Related Bruxism

How Sleep Bruxism Damages Your Teeth

Primary vs. Secondary Sleep-Related Bruxism

Stress Distribution When Biting

Why Standard Bruxism Appliances Don’t Work


How Sleep-Related Bruxism Damages the TMJ